1. Order of the Item:

1.1 If you chose an item which you wish to get, add it to the shopping cart having pressed the button "add to the shopping cart". To the shopping cart it is possible to add and delete details. Surely choose a way of delivery in the Transport basket.

1.2 When you confirm the order, to you confirmation on the basis of which We make out you a bill for e-mail within one working day will come to e-mail.

1.3 The buyer confirms the consent with the conditions established by the present Agreement, way of putting down of a mark in the column "With Terms of Agreement He Agrees" at execution of the order.

2. Payment for an item:

2.1 The item can be paid with bank transfer, on the place cash or the cash card.

2.2 It is possible to issue the account also on the enterprise. We make out a bill on request for an item after We are convinced that the item is available.

2.3 We send the account to you on e-mail in the PDF format.

2.4 We give an item from a warehouse after payment of account within one working day.

3. Delivery of an item and its cost:

3.1 The goods can be delivered having ordered the express services Smartpost, Cargobus or Omniva.Stoimost of delivery of an item corresponds to the prices of the enterprise of delivery. Within Tallinn delivery of an item free of charge is possible.

3.2 Delivery of an item happens on the same day or next day after payment of an item.

3.3 Delivery of the used spare parts happens from 2 to 7 working days. Everything depends on the spare part.

3.4 Delivery periods can be longer if it is specified in conditions.

4. Return of an item:

4.1 From the moment of receiving an item on hands you have 14 days will get acquainted with an item. If the item does not suit you, it can be returned acquaintance with an item in time.

4.2 Packaging of the returned item has to be whole and pure (the trade dress has to be kept). Also the item has to be not used. For return of an item contact us by e-mail info@autoosad24.ee or call department of service of number +372 55 48 717 that will agree about details of return of an item.

4.3 For the returned items we transfer money to the account within 5 working days after return of an item. The sum only for the ordered details is subject to return. If a case guarantee then money for transport services comes back.

4.4 Before acceptance of an item we recommend to check packaging and in case of outer defects not to accept an item. The damaged items are not subject to return.

5. Compliance of an item:

5.1 In case you found an item necessary to you in our E-shop, but want to be sure of its compliance to your car, then can contact us by the e-mail address info@autoosad24.ee or having called us by phone +372 55 48 717.